DE Humanities Syllabus

Semester: Spring 2016 Instructor: Amy Tillapaugh
Class Info: Dual Enrollment Humanities Phone: 804-633-9886
Location/Room: E250 Office Location: E250
Class Name: HUM 100 Days at Location
Class Days/Times:  Office Hours: 1st Period and after school by appointment
Office Hour Notes:
Class Credits: 3 Instructor E-mail:
 Course Description:
This course is designed to introduce the humanities through the art, architecture, literature, music and philosophy of various cultures and historical periods.  Emphasis is placed on the development of western civilization.  This course is writing intensive.  Students should expect to write regular research papers and critical essays.  Students will also present research in class presentations.  Since this is a college-level course, students are expected to do extensive reading and writing outside of school hours.
 Course Objectives:

Upon the successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. write and discuss critically various aspects of cultural history,
  2. realize how art and sculpture have been used to represent the values of individuals and society,
  3. recognize the changes in artistic expression throughout history,
  4. understand how theatre and film depict the ideas and emotions of society,
  5. value the power of dramatic productions,
  6. perceive how societies constructed monuments, temples and shrines throughout history to reflect religious and political beliefs
  7. appreciate the development of music as an expression of societies’ values, and
  8. develop a wider and enhanced range of aesthetic values.
 Textbook and Supplies:
Fiero, Gloria K., Landmarks in Humanities, 2nd Edition 

Caroline County

Dual Enrollment Academic Dates

Spring 2016

Academic Date

18-week (Semester)

Class begins

Last day to add

Last day to drop w/ refund

Last day to withdraw w/out academic penalty

Class ends

Grades due

Payment date




Withdrawal Information

Withdrawal from a course without academic penalty may be made within the first 60% of the course.  The student will receive a grade of “W” for withdrawal.  After that time, the student will receive a grade of “F”.  Exceptions to this policy may be considered under mitigating circumstances which must be documented and submitted to the appropriate Dean of Instruction for review and consideration. Appropriate paperwork must be received and processed by the Admissions and Records Office at GCC on or before the last day to withdraw.  See “Calendar of Important Dates.”


Attendance Policy – This is a fast-paced college level course.  Regular, daily attendance is essential for student success.  It is the responsibility of the student to request make-up work and copy notes when a day is missed.

Academic Honesty:
The faculty of Germanna Community College recognizes that academic honesty is an integral factor in developing and sharing knowledge. We support the concept of academic honesty, practice academic honesty in our classes, and require academic honesty from our students. GCC students are expected to maintain complete honesty and integrity in the completion and presentation of all academic assignments and examinations. Any student found guilty of cheating, plagiarism, or other dishonorable acts in academic work is subject to disciplinary action.Academic dishonesty is cheating and stealing. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to: Using material verbatim from a source without giving credit.

  • Rewriting material from a source without giving credit.
  • Using information from an Internet source without giving credit.
  • Submitting the work of another person as your own work.
  • Using/copying another student’s computer disk.
  • Copying from another person’s paper/test/homework.
  • Allowing someone else to copy/use your work (paper, homework, quiz, test).
  • Violating VCCS Computer Ethics Guidelines in the pursuit of academic studies.

When a student has been found to have been academically dishonest, penalties are outlined in the 2012–2013 Catalog and Student Handbook,   

Students with Disabilities Information:
Students with disabilities will receive accommodations in dual enrollment courses as prescribed in their IEP or 504 plans.  Copies of the IEP or 504 plan will be distributed to the teacher by the special education case manager or 504 case manager assigned to supervise the student’s education plan.
Tutoring Services
The Tutoring Services Department offers a variety of free academic support programs for Germanna students at both the Locust Grove and Fredericksburg Area campuses. Daniel Center students should contact the Locust Grove tutoring office regarding available services and Stafford Center students should contact the FAC Tutoring Services Office for available services. To schedule an individual tutoring appointment, call or visit the Locust Grove or Fredericksburg Tutoring Centers.
Online tutoring is available during daytime, evening and weekend hours. Registered students may access online tutoring by clicking on the Smarthinking link from the Tutoring Services’ website.
Supplementary academic materials are available free of charge from Tutoring Services, and they may also be downloaded from the Tutoring Services’ website: Tutoring Services operates a daily walk-in Writing Lab and Math Lab as well as providing a variety of study skills and academic workshops. Students may register for the Test Taking/Test Anxiety Workshop, Grammar Workshop, APA/MLA Workshop, TI83/84 Calculator Workshop, Computer Competency Workshop, Note-taking, Spanish Discussion Group, Drug Calculation Workshop, and the Basic PC Skills Mini Course by visiting or calling our offices. Several of these workshops may also be viewed online from the “Online Tutoring Resources” section of the Tutoring Services’ website:
Academic Computing Center
The ACC provides computer access to students needing to work on class work, check e-mail, blackboard, etc. Students also can apply, register for classes or change classes, check grades, etc. using myGCC. Staff is available to assist students with various computer issues and services. Student can access the internet and MS Office Suite 2007, and placement testing is administered at LGC.

Grading Policy:


We will have midterm and a final exam.  Each will count 20% of the final grade.


Daily Grades:

Students will receive daily grades for classwork and participation in class discussions.



We will have vocabulary quizzes for each unit and frequent quizzes to check for understanding.



Students will be tested at the end of each unit.


Independent Research and Presentations:

Students must complete independent research on an aspect of each unit and present their findings to the class. Presentations and papers will count as a test grade.


Grade Calculations:

Daily Grades=20%



Exams count for 20% of final grade.



All grades will be available on-line.  Grading errors or questions about final grades should be brought to the attention of the Admissions & Records Office at GCC.  Once verified, grades become part of the student’s permanent record at the College.


Official transcripts are produced by the Admissions & Records Office after grades have been verified.  In order to have unofficial transcript mailed to another college or agency, students must submit a written request to Germanna Community College by completing GCC’s Transcript Request Form, which is available on-line or in the Admissions & Records Office.  GCC’s Transcript Request Form will also be available through the high school guidance office.

Attention-Students must earn a C or better in the first course of a two-semester sequential course to continue in the second course in the sequence.  For example, a student must earn a C or better in English Composition I/ENG 111 to continue in English Composition II/ENG 112. Students should also be advised that grades lower than C may negatively affect the transferability of those credits to other colleges and universities 




Tentative Course Schedule:

2/4-15        Origins: The First Civilizations

2/18-3/1    Classicism: The Greek Legacy

3/4-15        Empire: The Power and Glory of Rome

3/18-29      Revelation: The Flowering of World Religions

4/8-19        Synthesis: The Rise of the West and Christendom

4/22-5/3    Rebirth: The Age of the Renaissance

5/6-17        Reform: The Northern Renaissance and the Reformation

5/20-24      Encounter and Baroque: Piety and Extravagance

5/27-31      Enlightenment and Romanticism: Science and Nature

6/3-7          Materialism/Modernism/Globalism


Tests will be given at the end of each unit.

Midterm Exam: 4/15/13

Final Projects Due: 6/3/13

Final Exam: 6/12/13

Syllabus Subject to Change